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 Operation Stop-Using-Proactive; a cryout to Shoop!

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PostSubject: Operation Stop-Using-Proactive; a cryout to Shoop!   Tue May 21, 2013 2:25 pm

YOOO. amir are calling forth every last one his toy soldiers (yes, you too trollpro). we're approaching DARK times....ST activity is at an ALL TIME LOW, hanku hasn't been seen online in a while and now SHOOP has joined the "Not-online-every-day-allience". it seems like everything we're worked to build is shattering into a trillion pieces like a bulldozer driving full-speed over a beer mug. Things have to change.

Goal: get SHOOP back on bnet.

Method: send shoop some warm words. tell him how much he means to the community. we all know that shoop is a vital piece of the whole, despite what feelings you have towards him.

Tools: these forums, the .mail function, msn, or any other platform suitable for communication.

Get SHOOP back, mantherfackers. GET TO WORK.
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PostSubject: nm   Tue May 21, 2013 11:50 pm

I agree, even though people don't really like him, there's always been that entertaining
factor about him, that never seems to get old Very Happy.
But now that I think this topic ALSO goes for you Amir^^.
ST is at a all time low, but that doesn't mean it cant go up?
The st domino effect, someone with importance leaves so do a lot of followers, comes back
same with followers.
Edit: Amir you make it sound like you still care about sheep tag? Yet you don't help, just tell others to.. but still.
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Operation Stop-Using-Proactive; a cryout to Shoop!
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