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 Atheist vs chakra

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PostSubject: Atheist vs chakra   Tue Nov 27, 2012 4:57 am


Chakra: well. the bible sais that god exists. this must be true because god wrote the bible. look at this graph for evidence:

Atheist: That's circular reasoning. And what the FUCK is with the graph?

Chakra: graph dont prove god exist. its just a subset of the other evidence u dimwitt.

Atheist: Uhm ok? But the "evidence" is a circular argument, remember?

Chakra: well i think there is no meaning in life without jehova. besides, i can feel him inside me :/

Atheist: Those are subjective arguments.

Chakra: Well the majority thinks god exist so HAHA the laff is on u my friend


Chakra: im done here he dont refute argument gg no re dimwitt!!
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Atheist vs chakra
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