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 Stack Farm Rework

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PostSubject: Stack Farm Rework   Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:39 pm

Before this turns into a huge flame feast thread hear me out.

There's many people that don't like stack farms, people that prefer stack farms so much they stopped playing, and people that could play with or without.

Now let me know if I'm mistaken but stacks were removed because they were unfair in the sense it allowed sheep to escape isolations to easily and unfairly which then made wolfing irritable knowing that even if you caused and isolation the sheep would simply escape.

The majority of people that want stack farms back argue that stacks add a huge dynamic to the game allowing the sheep to do incredible, and fun things. Most the people who want stacks do not care so much about abusing them to escape isolation's, but more so want them to pull off cool tricks, and to harass wolves.

So to accommodate both sides instead of just 1 side here are my suggestions let me know which are the best or tell me your own idea.

1. Anti Stack Roar Ability
-Will kill stack farms instantly around the wolf in a certain diameter 200 or so
-Would have a mana cost, a cooldown, and a duration of 4-8 seconds

The point of this would be to prevent sheep from escaping crucial isolation's by using stack farms, as long as the wolf uses this ability properly

2. Anti Stack Ward (Item or Ability)
This will pretty much work as the first suggestion, however it will kill stack farms in a radius around a ward placed by the wolf. Ward will have a short duration as well.

To go along with both of these stack farms will not be able to be built middle and they will cost 12 gold. Also as far as making room for the stack farm I would make the regular farm upgradable into a frost farm and make the hotkey for stack farm D or change strong to D and stack S

These are just ideas I have thought of and would definitely take some testing to find out if they are viable.
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PostSubject: Re: Stack Farm Rework   Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:06 pm

Stacks were initially called into question because of the saving aspect. After a year of debate, escaping isolation became the primary argument. After this year, Gosu was finally convinced and followed through with making a stack trial map. He, as well as I and most others, did not want the removal of stacks, but a year of arguments has to go somewhere.

After a few months, we had posts like these:
Magoo wrote:
Obviously the stack trial map has proven itself worthy.

all of east basically plays it, all of euros' top players, besides sidey and cmk, prefer stack trial, but most of their hosters dont, which is killing europe.

West, i still havent gone there enough yet, but hopefully they agree.

Stack trial has been played enough times, with plenty of different types of matches, (pro, uneven, even, poor teams, etc. etc.). all thats different: is that its more challenging on the sheep.
StarWOLF wrote:
People host stack trial in europe all the time. It's really all i've played recently
Jim wrote:
I must admit I quite enjoyed the stack trial map despite being sure I was gona hate it.
Shroomy wrote:
i like how it plays out without a stack in sheep tag
Sidey wrote:
Stacktrial = party in middle every fucking game.
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PostSubject: Re: Stack Farm Rework   Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:09 pm

i think the ''escaping isolation is too easy'' argument was invalid as 20 min sheeprounds were really rare in the stack days. but, as suggested by myself and others, the solution wouldn't be to remove the stack, but simply to increase the ammount of isolations wolves can make to even it out. increased action and individuality. besides, any ''unfair'' arguments are invalid by default. a ST match is played in two rounds where both teams have to play sheep and wolf. its equivalent of calling soccer unfair because one of the sides on a soccerfield gives an advantage.

i suggest making it impossible to stack in the pen, and an aoe spell similar to the bomber which disables the sheep to build any stackfarms within the radius for a period of time. all these ''kills any farms around it" solutions work in ticks, meaning that u can still use stack-farms to push someone away before the anti-stack removes the farm. in other words, the ''antistack aura'' isnt continius. a disabling system like the one i suggested works better.

as long as we try these great ideas(implementing stacks etc), noone will have a problem with removing them if they turn out to be shit. but keep in mind that you have to give them a chance under different circumstances. the stack might be horrible when you lump it into ur current map. perhaps you'll need to balance your map 2-3 times over a course of 1-2 months before the conditions are right. try making it work before dismissing it if it doesn't fit well in your current map.
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PostSubject: Re: Stack Farm Rework   Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:12 pm

Make farms two hit instead of three hit.

Will make the game a lot more fun.
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PostSubject: Re: Stack Farm Rework   Sun Nov 18, 2012 4:26 pm

Insane ideas lol. I vote for anti stack roar and get stack back buid make it so you can't build it in middle and fix strong farm hotkey D and stack S and normal farm upgradeable to frost its best shit !


Clan CsB
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PostSubject: Re: Stack Farm Rework   Sun Nov 18, 2012 4:53 pm

Chakra already crushed this topic, but yeah I gotta say I agree with him and with the idea of making farms 2 hit.

If we do that and remove invis sheep tag will get a lot funnier.
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PostSubject: Re: Stack Farm Rework   

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Stack Farm Rework
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