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 Official Shoop Hate-Mail Thread

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PostSubject: Official Shoop Hate-Mail Thread   Mon Jun 25, 2012 10:49 am

I thought I'd create an outlet for us to vent our feeling towards the dictator-supremo Shoop.

Feel free to add your own Very Happy

This is my letter to Shoop:

Dear Shoop

You are the biggest liar and sheep tag history re-writer this community has ever seen. Everything you say is distorted, fake, and with an attached destructive agenda. Your ideas are some of the worst that this community has ever witnessed and your presence has threatened sheep tag over 10,000 times. You are a danger to yourself and to the community.

You overestimate your abilities and intelligence on all counts. You subscribe blame onto others and refuse to take claim of your own actions. You are one of the single worst sheep taggers in the history of sheep tag. You mass slower than an up-side-down snail, you cover your side worse than when Trollpro stares at Mike Madsans dick, and you have a game understanding that is mediocre on a good day.

You have been exposed. People, even the toilets of the community, now see you for what you are. A person without talent and without skill - a person whose only claim to fame is leeching off of others and dislodging his own mistakes onto others.

Shoop is DONE. Shoop is GONE. Shoop is FOREVER BANISHED from any status in the community in the future. Shoop is where he belongs - in the TRASH CAN with the rest of the community scum.

Yours sincerely,

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PostSubject: Re: Official Shoop Hate-Mail Thread   Mon Jun 25, 2012 1:20 pm

Dear shoop,

You are one fucking virgin loser. No one likes you, and when i say this i mean NOBODY likes you, including your parents. You're a waste of space and bring cancer to your surroundings. Your pimple face/acne covered neck is disgusting just like your personality. You are probably one of the oldest people in this community and yet the most IMMATURE and STUBBORN person by far. People half your age have already surpassed you in life because you're simply a failure. You disgrace one of the GREATEST countries out there, Sweden.

I can't say one positive thing about you because you posses ZERO positive traits. You are just like chakra. Dull, boring, geekshit and leeches off of others. Do us all a favor and KILL YOURSELF.

However, i do thank you for existing shoop. Because of you, I won't make the same mistakes you went in life. It boosts my ego to know that there are people with terrible lives out there like you. Have a shitty rest of your life being angry the majority of the time you live.

The entire ST Community
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PostSubject: Re: Official Shoop Hate-Mail Thread   Tue Jun 26, 2012 4:01 am

Dear Shoop, ever since i joined clan osa i knew u had a special potential and not just any potential but a potential to blame others for your misstakes, just as an example, i remember when i were a descent wolf and were at your lane in a mass game u made a mirror jump in order to get to the other side, i were next to you and since u didnt get over with the real wolf but with the mirror it was my fault 100%, u were convinced that it was my fault due to the fact that there are 50% chance of jumping over a farm with real wolf and since then i have only experienced horrible excuses, stupid ideas such as removing the stack.
Peoples with potential like j0axwolf, lulor and Beeeh and not to mention rikkeh.osa quitted and since then sheeptag has sunk like the sinking Titanic.
U also leave whenever u feel for it in games and make lame execuses just to pull off a ban just because u think your superior in thinking and smarter than everyone els.

U say u know whats good for the community and yet your the worst example, your many years of studying in math and participating in politic debates are all just a fake wall in order to pretend smart.
Im 100% sure that everyone has a replay of u acting like a bitch and blame peoples constantly. For example there are the third Apotheosis 3 where u also pariticpate in one of the replays as estrallasheep at 04.34 where sidey manages to escape and u blame the whole team and yet u had failed to kill Sidey yourself. you lack humility and the understanding to put yourself as one of the persons being flamed by you, not a thought to the ally at all.
All who flames you or gets tired of your sickening explosions are those who gets left to rot because u are a manipulating person that can make roots to ban those people u hate.

Your dearest friend,

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PostSubject: Re: Official Shoop Hate-Mail Thread   Sat Jun 30, 2012 5:13 am


You have raged your nuts off. you have had some MONSTER headaches. you have been in the most flamewars out of anyone on bnet. you constantly debate on and on forums. you have some wild theories.

this is what makes shoop unique. this is what makes shoop perhaps the biggest source of entertainment on bnet. this is why i LOVE shoop. there are always some crap going on around him. plots to exile wizardman from the STC, flamewars with itio and immigration debates with beeeh. you never know what crazy shit thats gonna come next Very Happy

watching shoop fuck up in the newest beeeh video was some of the funniest material lately, but shoop is still a old school legend ^^ cant take this away from him.

from the entire community; no matter how much people like to flame you, we all actually LOVE you and bnet would be horseshit without shoop. we should be paying shoop for all the materials he creates around here.
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PostSubject: Re: Official Shoop Hate-Mail Thread   Tue Jul 03, 2012 11:26 am

Dear Sh001p

You are an annoying egotistical pseudosmart angry swedish mediocre sheep tagger. Go away.

Love celery.
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PostSubject: Re: Official Shoop Hate-Mail Thread   Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:50 am

So to summarize, you see yourself as a bunch of crybabies and me as your leader?
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PostSubject: Re: Official Shoop Hate-Mail Thread   Thu Jul 26, 2012 6:33 am

Dear Shoop,

Why so mad all the time and ignore me?

The scary truth I lay down about you word by word must be too confronting to overpower with retard rhetoric derived from the reference which is your pathetic meaningless life.

Not to mention the ecosystem living on your buttfuck face. I heard parasites rather live on your face than in the toilet of a Arabian restaurant on a steamy hot summer day.

Whenever you position yourself as the internet Messiah, the Hitler of the playground and the enlightened soul you think you are, I sigh in disbelieve. Pondering over the fact you rode and still ride the short bus, raised by wolves or just too dumb to understand the simple truth; you suck, you are dumb, you are nothing.

Thanks for reading,

- StreetFighter
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PostSubject: Re: Official Shoop Hate-Mail Thread   Wed Jan 02, 2013 9:28 am

Dear Shoop, you're a maniac from hell. You have never taken responsibility for anything in your life and all you do is blame others.

Your non-existant skill in sheep tag has always been laughable.

You killed your own clans by making everyone hate you / kick your own members in moments of anger.

You ruined more games than every gameruiner on bnet combined.

You constantly lie about everything, to trashtalk others, to appear good in sheep tag, or to enforce your agenda.

You abused the power you gained through every bot/clan/forum in bnet history.
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PostSubject: Re: Official Shoop Hate-Mail Thread   

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Official Shoop Hate-Mail Thread
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