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PostSubject: SpaRtaCuSSenS   Thu Apr 05, 2012 6:22 am

just finished s3. best season so far.

ashur: legend character. him dying is the only thing i didnt like about this season. i would like to see more of him in future seasons.

annimeaus AKA doctori: dont care much about him dying. he has some good moments and a nice place in the show, but isnt an important character and doesn't bring too much value to the show.

gannicus: a top legend character, however i liked him more in s2. he was a free spirit despite being a slave. he partied and was careless. i would have liked to see more freestyling of him in s3, and less licky on spartacus through the second half of the season. gannicus doesn't fit as a follower, he fits as a solo rambo.

spartacus: loved him more than ever. character develoupment was huge good, went from being a freak who only wanted vengeance for the death of his wife to a legend who fought for the freedom and liberty of everyone. huge alphamale, great leadership. gannicus was running the show before in terms of best character, but spartacus is rank 1 as of now. i also love the new actor. his looks and style of acting is better suited for the role of spartacus.

season was pretty predictable, but there were a few good and unexpected turns which i didn't see coming. 9/10.

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PostSubject: Re: SpaRtaCuSSenS   Thu Apr 05, 2012 11:19 am

I cant believe you like ashur. Him dying was the highlight of my season he was a backstabbing little rat that needed to die way long ago.

I knew they would kill either Doctori or Gannicus kinda glad it was Doctori (Surprising tho that they killed off the only black guy on the show)

S3 definitely the most exciting season and also killed off so many people. The end with Lucretia was WTF.

Now for S4 I guess they will follow the true story. Where Spartacus will want to end his rebellion, but his followers all want to attack the heart of rome and eventually they do and he dies. Will be interesting to see if they follow that or begin making up there own.
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